Sunday, June 12, 2011

Going Out With A Bang

These last days in the Rivera have surely been memorable.  We took a ferry from Cannes to St. Marguerite to do a little bit of sun bathing and sailing, went to the club in Juan Les Pins, had several group dinners with AT LEAST 3 courses, drank big cappuccinos, visited Nice to go shopping, went on a dinner cruise and just enjoyed Antibes.  
Sailing was interesting to say the least, there was absolutely no wind.  So to entertain us the dock boys towed us around using motor boats in chains of 3-5 hubby cats all attached to one another.  We ended up doing more tanning than actually sailing.  The night followed with a decadent dinner at a traditional french restaurant.  

A group of about eight of us went to Juan Les Pins, which is about a 20 minute walk, to hit up the club.  From the outside it looks like a casual bar.  Sherri walked right up to the bouncers and talked them into letting us all cut the line.  We danced for hours and got home right before the sun came up.  It was by far one of the best nights out we have had here in the Rivera.  Abby, Meghan and myself decided to wake up early the following morning and go to Nice, which is about a 15 minute train ride.  We went shopping and bought new dresses and some jewelry.  Then we headed to the beach on the English Promenade.  There we had the coldest, most satisfying diet cokes we have ever experience.  For lunch we bought giant watermelon slices that a little man was walking around selling.  It was a relaxing girls day out.  Once we arrived back to Antibes we quickly showered and put on our new dresses for the dinner cruise we had planned.  It was 30 of us on the catamaran where we had rum punch and seafood paella.  It was a festive night full of dancing and a great way to spend time with one another before saying goodbye to the Rivera.  
On our last day (sunday), Meghan and I went to a cafe for breakfast.  She got an omelette and I took a chance with some gluten and got a crepe with bananas and Nutella, and of course huge cappuccinos.  we enjoyed the city of antibes and walked around, visited some shops and reminised the trip.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool with the group and packing.  We just had a pot lock dinner with all of our left over food and wine.  I, of course, had no food besides 3 mushrooms and a bar of chocolate (typical).  

I am so incredibly sad to say goodbye to Antibes and members from the group.  I have grown so close to Meghan and Abby, I don't know how I will spend the summer without them!  It would be amazing to remain close to the people that I spent so much time with this trip.  On a second note, I am excited to return home and Ocean City to see everyone I have missed so much. BEST! 

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