Monday, May 23, 2011

Canyon Forest

Today we took a bus to a nearby forest area to do a high ropes course.  I had done high ropes and zip lining before so I was feeling pretty confident.  I decided to do the hardest course out of four levels, I began questioning my decision on the first obstacle...This course took us 2 hours to complete and took all of the physical strength I had.  We were climbing up the side of the canyon, moving up and down trees, monkey baring from 180 meters in the air and of course zip lining up to 330 meters.  I wish I could have managed to take pictures up there but I am surprised I came down alive.  My arms are extremely fatigued.  Even though I was shaking with sweat rolling down my face the entire time, I could not be happier with my decision to go through with it.  I honestly would not have been able to do it if Natalie and Abby were not motivating me along the way.  Before I started I was so hungry I could faint, so Xandra came to the rescue with a Lara bar.  I love having another Gluten Free Biddie on the trip with me! BEST!

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