Friday, May 27, 2011

Ventimiglia Italy

Today we took a 9 Euro train into Ventimiglia Italy.  It was about an hour train ride and definitely worth the trip.  We originally decided to go to Ventimiglia because of the huge outdoor market that lines the seashore on fridays.  The market was visually appealing but most of the items for sale were junky and all the same.  I would equate it to walking down the ocean city boardwalk.  You go in one store and you have seen everything. So a group of us went into the town of Ventimiglia and got cappuccinos and chocolate cannoli.  It was definitely worth the risk eating that gluten.  When you are in Italy having a cappuccino you might as well have a freaking delish cannoli.  

We went into a bunch of liquor stores because all of their bottles were so entertaining.  They had the biggest bottles of liquor I have ever seen.  I took a picture with a big Grand Marnier for you DAD!  We also had to get a bottle of Absinthe. 

Next we made our way to clothing stores where I bought a little something for Maddie and Karly.  It took all the will power in the world for me not to go crazy with the cash I had just exchanged.  For lunch we went to one of the many cafes in the city.  I got a caprice salad and of course...Abby and I got another cappuccino ( since they are cheaper than water in Italy).  On the train ride home I also saw a Super Yacht with a big Banana Republic logo on it! It was pretty exciting :0)

Tomorrow we are going to Port Cros for the weekend and I am SO excited.  Our weekend is filled with Scuba Diving, Hiking and absolutely no technology.  I can't wait to be skipping showers and wearing makeup.  I won't be blogging for a couple of days but I should have an update on Monday night (unless we decide to go out!).  BEST!

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