Thursday, May 19, 2011

Exploring Antibes

Antibes is beautiful but the liveliness of the town is even better.  The open air market was one of my favorite things about town during the day.  They have every kind of fruit, vegetable, olives, pate, sweet, chocolate, herb, flowers, etc.  You could smell the fresh bread baking while walking down the street. The streets are filled with people shopping.  Cafes line the avenues where people enjoy tiny espressos and frothy cappuccinos.  

Going to get groceries was probably the most difficult part.  So many foreign brands and french labels that I could hardly read.  Meghan and I loaded our own eggs into little green cartons not knowing that was the grocer's job.  

We had Sardine salad and Salmon for dinner.  Then we went out...

The bars are packed with British, Australian and Irish young people who work on the Super Yachts that host celebrities like Beyonce and Goldie Hawn.  We had too much fun and now we are having trouble getting it together to go to Cannes today to visit the Film Festival.  

For some reason I cannot upload my photos right now. So I may upload them to Snapfish!


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