Sunday, May 22, 2011

My 21st

I could not pick a place more perfect to celebrate turning 21.  The day started with Grasse and certainly ended without class.  Before going out the room mates and myself got pizza and a bottle of wine and sat up atop the rocks on a nearby beach and had a romantic little dinner.  It was so beautiful and relaxing.  I love Antibes!

We all met up before heading to the Bars in Antibes to get started early because everything here is so expensive.  I did not open my purse once because as soon as Abby announced to a group of British that it was my birthday everyone was paying my way through the night.  We went to The Hop Store which is the most lively British pub in Antibes.  Everyone there is British, Irish, Australian, South African, etc.  It helps a lot because my french is horrible.

The reason why there are so many non french in Antibes is because all the Super Yachts in the port are staffed by young people from countries around the world.  I would not mind working on a yacht and living here for a couple of years.  This was my third time out since we arrive on monday and it was my shortest night.

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