Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The First 24 Hours

The British Airways Jet was huge and comfortable.  After one glass of wine I was snoozing.  I was so happy I could actually fall asleep on the plane because I would need it for the next 20 hours.  The first flight was to London (7 hrs) where we had a layover for two hours.  When we landed in London it was about 4:00 am at home.  The flight into Nice took under 2 hours and I slept most of the ride.  The view as we landed was incredible.  From Nice we took a 30 minute bus ride to Antibes where our apartment is located.  It is very small and compact but cute.  We have a huge balcony that looks over one of the pools and we are about 1 block from the beach.

Last night after we checked in we had dinner at an "Italian Place".  The combo of lack of sleep and no food all day had me tipsy off of a glass of wine.  I had a seafood salad and chocolate mousse and it was so delish.  After dinner 6 of us decided to go out and explore Antibes bar scene.  We found a Pub called the "Blue Lady".  We stuck out instantly as dumb americans but eventually I made friends with a Bar Tender named Jacque (Kobe that one is for you & I am not kidding).  We stayed there until about midnight.  We were completely exhausted from our trip and when I hit the pillow I fell asleep instantly!

The time difference is 6 hours here so it will take me a while to start planning iChats and Skypes.

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