Thursday, May 26, 2011

Relaxing in the Riviera

Since my last post we have had a lot of downtime to do as we please since going to Monaco (which is gorgeous!).  The past couple nights we have been going out.  Tuesday night Meghan, Abby and I got hissed at by a homeless man with a limp and we ran down the ally away from him.  Abby also had a guy try and "climb a tree for her".  He fell down and scrapped up his legs.  We seem to cause a storm of American entertainment every time we venture out.  We also got a lesson on the "Yachties" that work on the Super Yachts here.  He told us that the guys from New Zealand  are called Kiwis.  He gave us a lesson on the culture and then bought us drinks.  Yachties seem hospitable.  
Monoco From the Train Window
What I have learned so far when it comes to going out, we never have a dull moment, it is always a blast.  Today we had a free day so we woke up and went to the market.  On thursday there is a huge Market in Antibes that sells clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, bathing suits, purses, etc all at a much better price than all the boutiques.  I bought a gorgeous turquoise scarf with tiny white polka dots.  Then we went to the open air food market.  I got fresh olives, flat peaches, apples and then Meghan and I split a half kilo of shrimp with the heads still on for dinner!  

After the market we went to the beach around 12:00 and stayed until 5:00.  The beach we went to is about a mile walk and a nice change from the beach right next to where we are staying. The whole beach is a pebble beach which sounds uncomfortable but it is actually nice to lay on.  We all got to much sun but had a blast.  I swam as far as I could offshore before I felt like the swim back would be too tiring.    There are no waves or current and it is so easy to swim far out.  The water here is so clear and you can see underwater with your eyes open.  I have been taking runs around the fort and through the marina.  I stop at all the benches and do jump squats and think of you MOM.  The view is so pretty that I keep tripping over rocks.  

In our hotel there is a little fish pond running through the courtyard.  It is full of coy and big goldfish.  One is so fat and pregnant that it looks like it could pop.  We named her Marigold.  When we were leaving this morning she was belly up on the bottom of the pond.  Then when we came back 7 hours later she was just swimming around.  I think she came back to life because we had a moment of silence for her....haha

Tomorrow we are going to a town in Italy that has a huge market that lines the shore from 8-1.  We have to take the 7:52 am train so we are resting up.  I am officially sick of wine.  They drink it all day everyday.  I will Blog tomorrow night then I won't be on my computer again until monday because we are going to Port Cros where we will be roughin' it; scuba diving, hiking, snorkeling and of course eating delish french food! BEST!

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