Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grasse and Hiking the Mediterranean

On my birthday we visited Grasse which is the perfume capital of the world, three fourths of all perfume in the world is produced there! This town was away from the ocean and up in the mountains.  So I went from looking at snow capped mountains from the beach to viewing the mediterranean from the city.  This country is so incredibly beautiful.  We went to two perfumeries where we had tours and got to buy products.  I bought a bunch of soap because it smelled so incredible.  Apparently it takes about 6 tons of rose petals to make one liter of essence.  Then after we were done we walked through the streets.  Everyone got paninis and of course I had a salad.  Then Pierre and France bought me a Gelato for by birthday. The Gelato here is so delish.  I could eat it all day every day.  

Today, post birthday celebration, we went hiking on the mediterranean.  We got to see the Bay of Billionaires where all the insanely rich people live.  I forgot my camera which I am pretty upset about because the views were what you imagine heaven to be like.  The huge rocks along the coast where people lay towels and sun bathe or just play in the water.  The water is crystal clear and super salty.  You don't event need to tred water you just floated.  We jumped off of the side of some rocks and swam around to cool off.  It was a perfect hang over remedy after a fabulous 21st birthday.  I'll post a birthday blog soon!

Marina outside of our apartment in Antibes
Cat Nap at the soap shop in Grasse

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